This is me. I wear a lot of black and talk a lot about cats…

Oh and I hate having my photo taken, so if you feel the same fear I do when someone puts a camera in your face don’t be scared.  I won’t ever push you to pose uncomfortably and I always try and capture the essence of who you really are.  

I’ve tried to specialise, but I’m contrary and would rather dabble in a few styles to keep things interesting.  I continue to do smaller, intimate weddings and have commercial clients that I cover events for.  I have a corporate background and can work closely with marketing teams to build collateral libraries and work to brand.  

But mostly these days, I get to work with really tiny humans.  I started newborn photography 4 years ago when I became a grand aunty (a title that has been multiplied by 5 in those short years).  I became just a regular aunty when I was 8 years old so it was quite a natural transition and I do love capturing those special first moments in new parents’ lives.  

But enough about me, the cat’s name is Ziggy!  

Testimonials ….

“An amazing photographer, and just great fun. We had an awesome time shooting with Marie and left with a lot of great shots. We were only there for an hour but left with sore jaws from laughing so hard. She really brings out the fun in photography, and we'd do this again simply for that. 10/10. An absolute pleasure, Marie. Thank you” Ashford

"Marie is very good with babies, she was very patient and did not rush through the shots. She did not force my baby to pose in any position she was not comfortable in. I would use Marie again and recommend her to others. The photos we had taken are absolutely beautiful." Siobhan

“Marie was very professional and creative in taking my maternity moments. She was very accomodating, patient and cool photographer. She made it very comfortable for us to pose. Her works are truely amazing and talented. I would definitely recommend her to everyone.” Lyza

“Marie was amazing at our newborn’s photo shoot - professional, patient and talented! So glad we picked you and thrilled at how well the end product turned out.” Geetha

“Thank you for letting us be us ❤❤” Ayla


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